The Sun Also Rises

July 11, 2018

Ernest HemingwayImage of The Sun Also Rises

The novel explores the lives and values of the so-called “Lost Generation,” chronicling the experiences of Jake Barnes and several acquaintances on their pilgrimage to Pamplona for the annual San Fermin festival and bull fights, known more commonly as the Running of the Bulls. Jake, a World War I veteran, is unable to consummate a sexual relationship with Brett Ashley because of a severe wound suffered when his fighter plane crashed on the Italian Front, leaving him emasculated. However, he is still attracted to and in love with her. The story follows Jake and his various companions across France and Spain.



  • shir

    very, very interesting. liked the plot. heroes are adequate and consistent. clearly read)

  • Charles

    interesting and unusual. enjoyed the novel.

  • mike

    It’s an irony that the first successful novel by the writer often accused of being mindlessly ballsy features a hero without a penis. Jake Barnes had it shot off in the war, a tragedy that prevents him and the woman who loves him from getting it on. He still has desire though and he quietly suffers as he watches Brett Ashley attract and destroy other men.

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