The Canterbury Tales

December 14, 2018

Geoffrey ChaucerImage of The Canterbury Tales

With their astonishing diversity of tone and subject matter, The Canterbury Tales have become one of the touchstones of medieval literature. Translated here into modern English, these tales of a motley crew of pilgrims drawn from all walks of life–from knight to nun, miller to monk–reveal a picture of English life in the fourteenth century that is as robust as it is representative.



  • Stan

    Good book

  • mike

    Loved the book !!!!
    It is easy to read, the emotions are extremely positive .. Separately, I note the easy and relaxed humor. I thank the author for the pleasant reading!)

  • Adam

    Because of my small children, I was restricted when it came to choosing classes for my major. Somehow, all the available classes happened to be focused on Medieval Lit–Chaucer, and other more obscure authors–tales of feudalism with stupid knights and crap.

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