SBTB is Now on BookShop!

May 7, 2020

Bookshop LogoAs the title states, we’re now on BookShop!

What does this mean?

Great question, audience member! This means you can support the site and support independent bookstores.

BookShop does a great breakdown of how this works on their about page, but simply put, we get an affiliate commission while part of your purchase goes into an earnings pool that is distributed to indies every six months. There are some bookstores that have their own BookShop pages, if you’d rather support them directly.

There are limitations right now in what the site carries. I don’t think they foresaw this pandemic and having to launch so quickly and suddenly.

We also know that the cost of physical books can be prohibitive, which is why our Books on Sale posts are so dang popular. Please do not feel obligated to purchase through BookShop; it’s just another way to support the site, and your favorite indie bookstore!

However, there are some pretty cool things I like about it, namely the ability to create a curated storefront. We can compile most of the titles we feature in Hide Your Wallet for a month or list all the books that we’ve reviewed favorably the month before.

We can create book lists from Rec Leagues and Ready Set Go posts! 

Don’t want to buy now? That’s okay! BookShop lets you create your own wishlists and it’ll show you indie bookseller reviews, just in case you want some extra opinions.

There’s also an option to buy used when available and they typically offer discounts of new titles as well. BookShop handles all the fulfillment when it comes to shipping; I’ve purchased I think 5 titles now through them and I have no complaints in terms of shipping times and delivery.

I plan to make more curated recommendations on our BookShop page in the coming days and certain things will change regularly, so be sure to check it often! We’ve also added a handy link to our left sidebar.

If you have any questions about BookShop, I’m happy to answer what I can! We’ve been using it at Belmont Books and it’s been a huge help in supporting small business during the pandemic.

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