Podcast Episode Recommendations, February 28, 2019

November 10, 2018

It’s podcast recommendation time! While it’s easy to recommend an entire podcast, sometimes recommending a specific episode is much easier to manage as a new listener. But, if you’re looking for more romance-focused podcasts to try, I have a page collecting them at RomancePodcasts.com, and I just updated it with new options.

Let’s get to it. Here are a few episodes that rocked my brain recently.

You’re Wrong About PodcastYou're Wrong About Podcast logo - a thumbs down on a pink background

Amanda recommended this show to me and whooooa is it interesting and smart and fun and fascinating. From the description: “Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall are journalists obsessed with the past. Every week they reconsider an event, person or phenomenon that’s been miscast in the public imagination.”

So if I think I remember what a specific event was about, chances are I’m wrong (this is not a surprise). But you know how sometimes you back to re-read an older novel you loved, and with age and perspective and learning-of-things, you see it entirely differently? It’s like that, only with major news events and pop culture scandals, some of which happened when I was barely aware of the larger world. Sarah and Mike research a specific thing, then contrast the public perception of that event now with the full facts and sequence of what really happened. Sarah in one episode said that if a woman is being blamed for the downfall of some guy, take another look. So true.

Two episodes that I am still thinking about: You’re Wrong About Multiple Personality Disorder, and You’re Wrong About Tammy Faye Bakker and Jessica Hahn. Important: major trigger warnings for both, especially the second one, specifically for rape, human trafficking, gaslighting, manipulation, and assault.

You can find You’re Wrong About on their website, on Stitcher, and on Apple Podcasts.

The Good Ancestor Podcast - a line drawing of Layla Saad's face and the words Good Ancestor Podcast Layla Saad below in blue letteringThe Good Ancestor Podcast with Layla Saad

I learned about Layla F. Saad’s workbook Me and White Supremacy, from Emily Nagoski’s Instagram feed, and after subscribing, I found her podcast. It’s wonderful.

The description says everything you need to know: I’m Layla Saad, and my life is driven by One. Burning. Question. How can I become a Good Ancestor? How can I create a legacy of healing and liberation for those who are here in this lifetime, and those who will come after I am gone? In my pursuit to answer this question, I’m interviewing change-makers and culture-shifters who are also exploring that question for themselves, in the way that they live and lead their life. It’s my intention that these conversations will help You find your own answers to that question too. Welcome to Good Ancestor Podcast.

The episode I recommend starting with is, well, the first one, which is an interview with Rachel Cargle, but all of the episodes so far have been excellent.

You can find the Good Ancestor Podcast at Layla F. Saad’s website, on Stitcher, and on Apple Podcasts.

The Hollywood Read The Hollywood Read with Kayleigh Donaldson and Sarah Marrs

The description: Film and pop culture writers Kayleigh Donaldson and Sarah Marrs discuss the latest goings-on of Hollywood and the cross-section of celebrity, culture, money, politics, and entertainment. So if you like intelligent, feminist examinations of all those things (hi!) you might like this. I have a few episodes in the queue on my phone, but the one I really enjoyed most recently was their unabashed celebration of Gerard Butler, “Episode 8: Gerard Butler is the Best!”

You can find The Hollywood Read on their website, on Stitcher, and on Apple Podcasts.

What about you? Any episodes you’d like to share or recommend?

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