Links: Trees, Grandmas, & More

November 6, 2019

Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.How is it November? HOW?! Now the next couple months are going to be a fever dream of holiday nonsense.

I have a complicated relationship with the holidays, but I have a trip to Key West in the works for January. I will eat, read, drink, and nap in a cabana.

#TeamTrees is aiming to plant 20 million trees by January 1st. Each dollar donating plants one tree. The organization just surprised 13 million trees planted.

If you haven’t heard, Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series is coming to television! Here are eleven moments that readers would love to see on screen. What do you think? Are you excited?

If you love audiobooks and contemporary romance, Frolic has a few recommendations for you!

These kickass snorkeling grandmas discovered an elusive sea snake population off the coast of New Caledonia.

Artist Karen Hallion produces some of my favorite girl power fanart, and I think this new poster would be of interest to the Bitchery.

Don’t forget to share what super cool things you’ve seen, read, or listened to this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post on a future Wednesday Links, send it my way!

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