HaBO: Poodle Offended by Bad Fashion

December 31, 2019

This HaBO request is from Melissa, who wants to find this contemporary romance with suspense elements:

Not sure how long ago I read this, but it was a contemporary romance (possibly romantic suspense) with a heroine who owned her own clothing/accessories store and had a poodle who (not joking) was offended by badly dressed people. At one point, the poodle growls at the hero for putting on a jacket that does not go with the pants/shirt he’s wearing.

The hero was a cop (or possibly a PI) who comes to investigate when her store is broken into. He then becomes her bodyguard when it’s clear she is being targeted. It turns out someone is using her store to smuggle jewels (possibly stolen but I’m not sure) into the country as part of what is supposed to be costume jewelry that she sells in the store.

I really hope this rings bells for someone!

Who knows this one?

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