HaBO: Magical Wedding Dress

May 12, 2020

This HaBO is from Brianna, who is searching for a book from a few years ago:

I read this book quite a few years ago, it’s probably set in 2000-2007? The heroine goes through a bad breakup, possibly with a fiancé? She puts on a vintage wedding dress, I believe she bought it but it may be in the family, and is transported to the bed of a soldier in a war zone in the Middle East, Afghanistan? They’re of course very confused, but sparks fly.

Throughout the book she goes back and forth between the two places, always waking up in his bed. Eventually they fall in love, but she ends up saving him from a fire fight and gets shot? He may also be shot. He sends her back to her home in the US so she gets medical care. Somehow they find each other back in the states and reunite at a hospital bed, can’t remember which one’s! Thank you for your help in advance!

I’m assuming this is contemporary with a bit of magical realism, given the time period and associated events.

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