HaBO: Least Redemptive Hero?

November 5, 2019

This HaBO is from Dani, who is searching for a new adult romance:

I’ve been trying to find a NA book I read years ago and am drawing a blank. Searching online with my keywords get me nowhere, and my ebook library is no help.

He’s a “manwhore” who is interested in the heroine, but still hooks up with strangers. He sees someone on campus, takes her back to his apartment and they have sex on the couch. All I remember clearly is he tells the heroine (who knows what he did) that his daughter would have better morals than to hook up with a guy like him. He judged the women he slept with for being so sexually liberated.

Please help! A friend of mine challenged me to find the least redemptive “hero” possible, and this guy fits the bill.

He sounds like a real peach.

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