HaBO: Indiana Jones Contemporary Romance

September 15, 2018

HaBO: Indiana Jones Contemporary Romance

This HaBO is from Ren, who is either looking for a contemporary romance or a book with strong romantic elements:

I’m looking for a contemporary romance about archaeologists that I read in 2000-2003. Full disclaimer, I’m only 90% sure that it was a romance. Someone donated the book to my middle school library and I checked it out thinking it was an adventure story, only to be disappointed because most of the book was about two people making eyes at each other and there was hardly any adventuring at all. So it’s either a romance or a novel with strong romantic elements.

Things I’m sure about:

– It was a contemporary and set in the US and then Egypt (or possibly the Middle East). Published late 1990s or early 2000s.

– It starts with a flashback about ancient times. At the end of the first chapter someone is killed and the narration switches to the present.

– They’re searching for a city buried in the sand.

– Some shady group (government or military) is also searching for the city and the protagonists go on the run from them.

– At one point there is a sandstorm and they hide in some ruins. They have sex for the first time either at the ruins or at a village that they reach after the storm.

Other things I think I remember (but it’s been 15 years and I might be getting mixed up with Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Mummy):

– The heroine is an archaeologist. Either she’s the reincarnation of a certain Egyptian priestess or has studied documents about this woman, because she often brings her up.

– The hero is either an Indiana Jones-style professor or some kind of bodyguard/survival expert. He has a gun.

– They do not get along, possibly there’s a misunderstanding at the beginning. She doesn’t trust him but he sticks around to protect her.

– They have an artifact leading to the lost city, maybe a medallion

I’ve found several books with similar plots but nothing that matches the few elements I’m 100% positive about. It has stuck with me because it was the first book with explicit sex scenes that I read. Somehow none of the teachers realized that it was wildly age-inappropriate, even though they banned some children’s books for mentioning kissing. Anyway, I hope someone can help me find this title.

Oooh! This one sounds good!

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