HaBO: Historical Heroine in Love with the Gardener

March 24, 2020

This HaBO was sent in by Wizard Karate, who is hoping to find this historical romance:

I’m copy-pasting a request I posted on r/romancebooks yesterday and someone suggested I should try this site. The book I can’t remember is an historical romance I read a couple of years ago…

So the plot goes something like this: Heroine is married to an evil man (duh) but she feels attracted to their mansion’s gardener, the hero of the story (I don’t really remember if he was a gardener or another sort of employee). She is very rich and he is poor. Hero has an accident while working so he ends up being cared for at the heroine’s house.

I don’t exactly remember how but the thing is that the evil husband wants her to become pregnant with the gardener (or whatever he was lol) so he forces her to have an affair with him while he’s recovering at their mansion. And then, well, the usual, heroine and hero fall in love, she gets pregnant, love wins, and yada yada.

I’m not sure if I may have possibly mixed up two historical romances, I don’t think so…? I read this book last year so I’m pretty sure it’s fairly new (or from a couple of years back). I remember it being part of a series.

Does it ring a bell? I remember I quite enjoyed it! I’m trying to find it so I can read it again. I don’t think it was from a popular author (not Lisa Kleypas, nor Elizabeth Hoyt or Jennifer Ashley, for sure). I can’t remember anything else, not even the cover!

Thanks in advance!

I need to know why this was the husband’s evil plan.

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