HaBO: Hero Walks in on Heroine Doing an Autopsy

January 14, 2020

This HaBO request comes from Katie, who is searching for this historical romance:

The heroine is the daughter of a physician who has since died. She is very interested in medicine. The hero is, I believe, a titled Englishman with either a son or ward. The hero and heroine marry. She continues to pursue her interest in medicine even as hero forbids her to do so.

At one point, while the hero is away, the heroine stays with an old doctor she knows to learn more. Hero finds her as she and the old doctor are doing an autopsy and is livid.

Late in the book, the heroine saves a boy while he is choking (?) after the hero begs her to do something. Heroine winds up leaving and leaves note for the hero that apologizes for her scandalous behavior.

She has nothing to apologize for!

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