HaBO: Hero Ghostwrites His Aunt’s Books

February 4, 2020

This HaBO comes from Mary, who is trying to find what she describes as “British chick lit”:

I’m hoping you can help me find a book I read several years ago, in the middle of a British chick lit binge! I really thought it was a Jill Mansell, but none of the plot descriptions are ringing bells and I don’t want to read through her entire backlist to find it.

The plot I remember is mostly the secondary plot I think. I’m pretty sure it was the main characters best friend or sister, which is what is making it difficult! She wanted to find a boyfriend, who was hardworking and had a real job of some sort, and keeps rejecting the playboy of the town for being a layabout living off of his rich author aunt. The plot twist is that she discovers he’s actually writing the books for his aunt because she’s had writer’s block for years. Then she’s interested because he does work & she doesn’t have an excuse anymore, but he doesn’t think she likes him for him.

I don’t remember how it ends or what the main plot was. I think it took place in Cornwall or a smaller village, not London.

Well this sounds adorable.

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