HaBO: Godparents Forced to Cohabitate

October 29, 2019

This HaBO is from Elizabeth, who is looking for this contemporary romance:

I read this book in 2009. It was about two godparents, the woman was BFF’s with the mom and the man was BFF’s with the dad. They’re thrown together when said BFF’s die tragically, leaving their three-or-four-year old daughter orphaned. The stipulations of the will force these two godparents to cohabitate and raise the girl together.

So, forced proximity enemies to lovers, basically.

One plot point I remember is they’re applying to get her into pre-school and they’re in a metropolitan city that is highly competitive, and the god dad’s mom was from South Africa, and that factor gets them an interview at the preschool.

That’s all I can remember.

Ringing any bells for the Bitchery?

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