HaBO: Austenland Erotica

April 28, 2020

This HaBO request is from J, who is looking for this romance with Regency cosplay:

I think I read this around 2014 or 2015. The heroine is some kind of Regency expert and she’s invited to this country house, which has been restored, and the guests are supposed to dress in period costume and live as though they are in Regency England.

There’s an age difference between her and the hero – I think she’s older, which isn’t as common.

There’s also a subplot with the gay couple who run the spa/retreat and one of their employees. I think it’s a little one sided.

The heroine is scattering her recently deceased husband’s ashes at the beginning of the book and there’s some angst over being attracted to the hero, who I think is a fellow guest. It’s resolved by the heroine discovering her late husband’s affair with a student, so she suddenly feels no guilt.

I think it was HQN maybe? One of those black covered trade PB with the heroine in a fancy (purple?) dress that were so popular at the time. Thanks, Bitchery!

Who knows this one?

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