HaBO: Audible Romance Series

December 10, 2019

This HaBO is from Ruth, who is trying to find this audiobook series. Content warning for the description below:

I’m driving myself crazy because I can’t remember any information about a 4-book series I listened to on Audible in January. I was on a trial “Romance Unlimited” package and apparently borrowed books aren’t listed in my account. I even mentioned it in a comment I left here, but I have no idea what the comment was to!

Anyway: four-book series, set several years after a car accident in which one woman died and the other had injuries that changed her personality so that, among other things, she no longer loves her husband; she’s also made multiple suicide attempts. The book starts when he meets a new woman and decides it’s time to move on. Unstable now-ex-wife causes all kinds of problems, including a hostage situation that turns out to be fake.

The second book is about the fiance of the woman who died.

The third book is about unrelated people: a woman in witness protection recovering from having been gang raped and the undercover agent who saved her whom she bonded with (not in a romantic way).

The fourth book brings together that undercover agent and the now not-so-unstable wife from the first book.

I remember these books in detail, except for the character’s names, their titles and the author. Apparently I can’t remember those things unless I actually see them!

This sounds like some heavy stuff.

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