Discussion Question: Show Us Your Pets!

January 12, 2020

Look, it’s time for puppies and kittens and pets and adorableness. Aarya asked if we could do a post of everyone’s pets, and I thought that was a marvelous idea. PETS!

Let’s do this!


This angry christmas boy is Boo Radley, the family cat. He only loves one person and it is not me. His primary mode of communication is the chirp and he cannot bear going to the basement to use his litter box if ANYONE acknowledges his presence when he is on his way there.

a grey cat wearing a santa cape


Charlotte: This is Archibald Angus McDog. He loves car rides, carrots, biting larger dogs on the butt, and eating gross chicken wings he forages from the street, and he is VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU.

a white dog with a black nose wearing a vest and a bIG DOGGY SMILE


This is Dewey. He is extremely smart and handsome. If he were a person he would be a gentleman detective.

An orange tabby cat on a bed looking at the camera

This is Fish and Chips. They are 2 years old (Fish – R) and 5 mos (Chips – L) and are partners in crime and best buds:

a grey tabby and a white and grey floof cat snuggling together

Charlotte: Dewey has a good face for (gentlemanly) interrogations.

Elyse: Also Fish and Chips:

a surprised looking chips while fish lounges in the background

Ellen: much surprise! wow!

Maya: Here’s my sweet boy Bucket. He’s extremely talkative and just wants to play fetch and cuddle all day long.

A grey cat with big eyes wearing a BOW TIE it's so cute

And here’s Morgan, aka Fluffy Butt, aka Principessa Floofington. She’s still kinda mad at me that I adopted Bucket a little over a year ago.

animated gif of fluffy black cat wagging her glorious tail

But! She lets Bucket groom her and I am desperately waiting for the day I find them cuddling. But they’ve gotten pretty close!

Bucket cuddling with Principessa while Principessa looks affronted

Tara: This is Zadie and her new bed.

a terrier dog with grey and brown fur on a very very fluffy pink pillow bed I want one now

She loves the bed so much that this is pretty much where she lives unless she’s freaking out with joy because I came home, barking at anyone delivering a package, or is my shadow in the kitchen in hopes that I’ll sneak her a little something.

Aarya: I don’t have a pet at the moment, but I am very close to my sister’s cat Sasha (I named her and I’m the reason why my sister adopted her). She was a stray and rescued in the middle of a very chilly winter. For a very long time, she was scared of humans and refused to be touched. After three years with my sister, she’s still wary of strangers but tolerates scratches/snuggles from familiar faces (not too long, of course. Her dignity will only allow a minute or two).

Sasha, who has a tabby back and head and whilte body and is perfectly gorgeous

There was a viral tweet the other day where you categorized cats according to two axes: polite vs bastard and aristocracy vs Victorian orphan. Sasha is at the intersection of polite and aristocracy (though she can channel her internal Oliver Twist if she thinks my sister is walking toward the cabinet with the wet food).

Sasha’s hobbies include chasing after toy carrots, snoozing in a ball-like figure, investigating bags/boxes, and badly hunting down toy mice until she deigns her time to be unworthy.

Sasha heading into a paper bag Sasha curled into a tiny tiny ball











Oh, and the very best Christmas present I ever got my sister was a set of personalized Christmas stockings for my sister, her boyfriend, and Sasha.

three red stockings hanging on the bannister with Sasha's in the middle

Amanda: You all have already met Linus. He is a monster.

Linus who is white and orange and massive, looking very regal

Sneezy:  A FLOOFY monster!!!!

Shana: This is Astrid.

A blonde dog with a big lovely nose resting her head on an ebook reader

Astrid’s biggest life disappointment is not living in a multigenerational compound of 100+ people. She thinks the whole world is part of her pack, and will pine piteously when visitors leave. Or when strangers walk by her house without coming to visit.

Catherine: This is Mystery. She adopted my husband when she was twelve weeks old, and managed his life for thirteen years. She was a very bossy cat who had his best interests at heart and would howl if he did things like close the bathroom door so that he could shave. When she was not closely supervising my husband, she liked to sit in the front garden and graciously meet her public. She was also an excellent fire safety cat who would inform us both about smoke whenever we ran the pyrolytic cleaner for the oven and try to get us out of the house. She really was an excellent cat.

a black and white cat lounging regally atop a pink comforter

And this is Mayhem, helping me sort my books. Mayhem and Mystery were littermates. Mayhem looked after us both for fifteen years. She was another bossy and sociable cat with strong ideas about the proper way to do things, which she didn’t hesitate to tell us about – she was very vocal! She wanted to be carried everywhere at all times, and enjoyed lap surfing whenever we had friends around.

A black and white cat sitting inside a bookshelf box atop a stack of books

Sarah: Mayhem and Mystery are brilliant cat names.

I’m pretty sure you’ve met Buzz, Wilbur, and Zeb. This is their recent meeting in my office where they vocally registered their displeasure that I was not petting them.

Buzz, Wilbur the cat, and Zeb on the floor of my office waiting for me to do something that invovles petting them

We got snow. Zeb and Buzz like to lick all the snow. It’s a little weird:

Buzz and zeb licking snow off the back deck

Please note that Zeb’s tail is blurry. That is because he never stops wagging it.

A brown and white spaniel dog iwth lovely brown eyes

Ok, game on!

Wanna show us your pets? Please do! We wanna see links to all the adorableness of all your furry and maybe not-so-furry friends!


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