Ad Interaction Survey

November 10, 2019

It’s time to begin the bookings for 2020 advertisement here at the Pink Palace, and to make the entire site function most optimally for everyone, I wanted to ask for a few moments of your time as a visitor and member of the Bitchery.

Below is a short Ad Interaction Survey, and if you’d take a moment to tell us about your experiences as a reader and book shopper with the ads here at SBTB, I’d very much appreciate your input and your opinion.

The site survives as an independent outlet for romance review and discussion in part because of the support of advertisers in our sidebar, and when someone books an ad, they deal with me directly, as I run the server itself and oversee all input and output. Over the years, many of you have taught one another how to whitelist the ads,  and have contacted me privately to ask about books you’d seen advertised, or to tell me that a banner was particularly effective. That information is so very helpful.

If you have a few moments to tell me about your experience with the ads here, it would help me tremendously. Thank you for being here, and for your time, and most of all, thank you for being part of Smart Bitches!

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