384. Our Favorite Books of the Year, Part Four: Catherine, Claudia and Me

January 3, 2020

Happy New Year! It’s the start of 2020, and the final edition of our look back at 2019’s favorite books. In this episode, Catherine stayed up very, very late at night to talk to me (thank you!) and shares what books were so good this year, she finished them and immediately started over from the beginning. And Claudia shares the books that made her year immeasurably better, and the backlist she’s been savoring. And I try to share my own favorite reads of the year, as un-awkwardly as possible – and that was recorded without my usual equipment, so thank you for accommodating the change in sound quality.

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

In this episode, we also mentioned:

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This Episode’s Music

Adeste Fiddles Album Cover Last one!

It’s my favorite holiday album from Deviations Project, Adeste Fiddles.

The track in the intro and between interviews is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Favorite Things. You can find this album at Amazon.

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